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Op-ed: It’s time South Africa had a serious talk about rail

Government’s move to introduce third-party access to the country’s railway network is a significant policy development.
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South Africa remains teetering on a slippery fiscal cliff

There are at least R20 billion worth of projects committed by mining companies, but these are currently delayed in administrative red tape.
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Tough MTBPS clear on depth of South Africa’s economic crisis

The MTBPS is a step in the right direction, but the further structural and institutional reforms are now vital and urgent.
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Solidarity says State’s recovery plan is a pipe dream

“The ANC government is the driver who made us all drive off the cliff and now it insists on driving the ambulance as well." - Connie Mulder
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Contract miners should be beware of Proposed Tax Amendments

From a tax perspective it has been a hotly debated topic as to whether contract miners should be entitled to claim the accelerated capital allowances
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Minerals Council concerned about increasing need for international funding

Sub-investment grade ratings, growing public sector wage bills and shrinking tax collection were all evident before the COVID-19 crisis.

Will Tito Mboweni endure public sector fightback?

Dr Azar Jammine, Director and Chief Economist at Econometrix, breaks down Tito Mboweni’s Budget highlighting the massive cuts in public sector wage bills.
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Government urged to move faster on improving growth prospects

Weak business and investor confidence has resulted in gross investment being a low 17.9% of GDP, which is simply not high enough.
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Anglo American welcomes new system for capital flows in South Africa

“Mining is a critical driver of economic growth, transformation and development across many communities in South Africa," Mark Cutifani.
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Mboweni’s Budget Speech gets nod of approval from Minerals Council

The Minerals Council believes Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has taken several important steps to begin to address South Africa’s economic crisis.