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TOMRA opens access to technical information in diamond microsite

“We want to allow our potential clients and end-users better access to all of our technical information." - Ryan Szabo

Cloud-based data platform enhances sorting efficiencies

"This tool is constantly becoming more powerful as we continuously develop it in response to customers’ needs and priorities."

Underground sensor-based sorter starts operation at rock salt mine

For K+S achieving certified and guaranteed high purity, compliant with the strict standards of the food industry, is a priority.

TOMRA’s promise: 98% diamond recovery guaranteed

TOMRA can deliver on its promise of guaranteed results both in hard rock kimberlite/lamproite, and alluvial deposits.
XRT Diamonds TOMRA diamonds

98% recovery guaranteed for diamond miners

Maximizing diamond recovery while optimizing costs: this is the priority at the top of the list of every diamond producer.

TOMRA XRT equipment used to recover 1.111 ct diamond at Karowe

TOMRA Sorting Solutions' TOMRA XRT (X-ray transmission) technology was instrumental in the recent recovery of a magnificent 1.111 ct type IIa diamond at diamond miner and explorer Lucara Diamond Corp’s Karowe mine in Botswana. The...

TOMRA wins Business of the Year award

TOMRA was named the winner of the European Business of the Year Award in the category for companies with a turnover of €150 million or higher. TOMRA was one of ten finalists for this...