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Ionic Rare Earths releases Makuutu phase 4 results

“These infill results align well with expectation, given the continuity of the clay previously observed at Makuutu."

IonicRE eyes downstream heavy rare earth separation and refining asset

"The opportunity to build a more integrated mine to market strategy for our CREO and HREO basket becomes far more compelling.”
Uganda gold

Feasibility study for Ionic Rare Earths’ Makuutu nears completion

Mincore will work with the Ionic Rare Earths owner’s team to compile the feasibility study report.

Ionic Rare Earths’ Makuutu phase 4 drill program begins

Makuutu is amongst the world’s largest IAC deposits, and is global strategic resource for long term security of critical and HREO supply.
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Good news for Ionic Rare Earths’ Makuutu

The project could become a sustainable, long-life, low capital development cost supplying critical rare earth oxide to global markets.

Will a new law help or harm Uganda’s mining sector?

Uganda is to set to implement a new law that will allow would allow the government to own shares in private mining operations.

IonicRE signs MoU for potential investment, offtake and development

“We are pleased to have signed this MoU which will enable the Makuutu Rare Earths Project to rapidly advance activities in the near term."
Uganda gold

Uganda secures its place in the global rare earth market

"This advance in the Exploration Target to confirm Makuutu to be one of the largest ionic adsorption clay deposits outside of China."
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What will Joe Biden’s presidency mean for Africa?

It is hoped the tone between the US and Africa will improve under a President that does not consider Africa a continent of ***hole countries.

Key themes for Africa in 2021

Africa is facing its first recession in 25 years. Sustained vaccine momentum will be critical for economic recovery in 2021.