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  Vibramech (Pty) Ltd 17 Chenik Street, Chamdor, Republic of South Africa. Tel : +27 11 762 5501 P.O. Box 3026, Witbeeck, Roodepoort, 1729, Republic of South Africa. Fax : +27 11 762 7463         Vibramech...

Vibramech starts 2020 with largest order for marine diamond mining

Vibramech has an unparalleled data base of successful applications distinctive to the circumstances that prevail in the diamond mining industry.

The future is bright for coal processing equipment

South Africa has sufficient coal reserves to satisfy its needs for more than a century. This is according to a report by the Minerals Council South Africa.

Vibramech: preparing for product demand

Vibramech is southern Africa’s largest manufacturer of vibrating minerals processing equipment with an installed base of over 10 000 pieces of equipment.

Vibramech: an integral supplier to the diamond processing industry

Vibramech has been supplying its vibrating equipment to the African diamond processing industry for more than three decades.

Vibramech no stranger to supply and service across Africa

Countries in the EAC are endowed with minerals and the potential to exploit these delivers opportunities for service providers such as Vibramech.

Vibramech establishes firm footprint in West Africa

Johannesburg-based screen manufacturer Vibramech has established a firm footprint across the West African region over its 41 years of operation and is recognised as a leader in its field.

South Africa’s fossil fuel future remains firmly founded in coal

Searches for cost effective, alternate sources of power generation outside of fossil fuels have to date not been proven successful in South Africa, and...

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