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The Maroon Post: chairperson’s view

Canyon Coal is fortunate to have a dedicated, dynamic young workforce that adapted quickly to changes in operating environments in the past few months.
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ZAC to grow domestic and global anthracite market

Zululand Anthracite Colliery is confident about the demand of coal as it prepares to expand the life mine beyond the remaining 12 years.
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Coal critical to enabling South Africa’s stability and growth

Coal suppliers need to deal fairly with Eskom by seeking reasonable returns and not excessive profits says Menar MD, Vuslat Bayoglu.

Kangra Coal makes history on the back of Mining Charter 3

Kangra Coal made history on Thursday when it hosted a celebration to announce plans to allocate free-carry shares to workers and local communities for the first time since the mine was established in 1957.

A burning issue – what is the future of coal?

Renewable energy sources need to be explored but the world can't discard the role that coal plays in driving African economies.

Sibambene Coal seeks investment opportunities

Sibambene Coal, a South African coal mining company, is hunting for investment opportunities to promote inclusive growth and competition.
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Coal and renewables don’t compete

Coal and renewable energy sources are not in competition with each other. Instead, they are complementary and should be treated as such.

Canyon Coal: building a significant coal profile

Mid-tier coal mining explorer and miner Canyon Coal has officially celebrated the production start-up of its fifth operating coal mine.

Vuslat Bayoglu’s Menar enters the manganese market in South Africa

Vuslat Bayoglu’s Menar Holdings company Sitatunga Resources has entered the manganese sector having purchased a mining project in the Northern Cape for an undisclosed sum.
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Menar strikes another anthracite coal deal in KwaZulu-Natal

Mining investment company Menar plans to build on its successful turnaround of Zululand Anthracite Colliery when it participates in the development of another anthracite mine.

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