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Chute systems have an enormous impact on production and profitability. Our world-renowned Weba Transfer Chute Systems are used for bulk materials transfer...

No short-cut to chutes that perform – reliably and safely

“Through our focused dedication for many years, we have developed the design, engineering and manufacture of transfer chutes into a science."

Demanding chute design for sinter plant

The recent installation of custom-engineered transfer chutes at a sinter plant in Turkey highlight the value of decades of experience.

Weba says no secret to getting real value from chutes

“By collaborating with a customer on maintenance, we helped keep plant availability as high as 98%." - Technical director Alwin Nienaber

Weba forges green path to the future

“With a capacity of 160 kW – calculated on 85% performance – the system meets most of the energy requirements of our workshop and offices."

Value analysis proves worth of Weba Chutes

"Many mines pay a high price when they opt for the lowest capital outlay and settle for a standard, off-the-shelf chute."

Right chute design can save high conveyor costs

Conveyor belts are high cost items so it is vital that damage and undue wear is avoided through the correct design of transfer points.

Absolute material control key in mill feed and scrubber transfer points

Mill feed transfer points and scrubber feed chutes are traditionally considered high wear and high maintenance installations.

Absolute material control key in mill feed and scrubber transfer points

“We ensure the most appropriate configuration in the head section of the chute and achieve control of the material with a reduction in wear.”
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Quality chute designs solves many plant challenges

Weba Chute System’s design philosophy has found its way into over 5,000 transfer chute installations in mines and plants around the globe.
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3D scanning paves way to quality chute solutions

“The accuracy of 3D scanning means that we can rapidly gather detailed measurements of large infrastructure on a customer’s site.”

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