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About Weba Chute Systems & Solutions

Chute systems have an enormous impact on production and profitability. Our world-renowned Weba Transfer Chute Systems are used for bulk materials transfer in the industrial and mining sectors. We are the leading manufacturer of...

Why predicting chute life is so important

“Our ability to accurately predict the lifespan of the components inside our chutes streamlines the whole maintenance process.”

Why dust control is vital to miners’ health

Dust has been a health hazard in mines where metals and metalloids are carried in atmospheric dust exposing workers to toxic contaminants.

Weba develops tool to model reliability

The company engineers and produces quality transfer systems - each solution tailored to the specific application requirements.

Process effectiveness underpins Weba chute quality

“We apply a SPC method right from the time that an order is placed, and this guides the process through to delivery.” - Izak Potgieter

Engineering know-how puts Weba up front

“Underpinning this strength is our highly specialised and experienced design and engineering team." - Alwin Nienaber

Outlook strong as Weba supplies chutes through pandemic

“Our network of agents and partners around the world has been vital in helping us meet customer requirements through this difficult time.”

Weba’s product measurements prove performance

The importance that Weba Chute Systems places on detailed measurement is also applied in the maintenance of transfer points. I

Don’t cut corners: Always insist on OEM chute systems

An OEM chute system will save money and reduce production downtime in the long run highlights Weba Chutes Systems.

No short-cut to chutes that perform – reliably and safely

“Through our focused dedication for many years, we have developed the design, engineering and manufacture of transfer chutes into a science."

Demanding chute design for sinter plant

The recent installation of custom-engineered transfer chutes at a sinter plant in Turkey highlight the value of decades of experience.