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Insurrection in South Africa – does force majeure apply?

If the President declares a state of emergency in response to riots and looting, this may constitute grounds to declare force majeure.
climate change

New draft guidelines for assessments for environmental consent applications

The guidelines intend to provide best practice guidelines to improve the quality of specialist input related to climate change.

Water use licences: Red tape delays application process

"The major stumbling block hindering the issuing of a water use licence is the determination of water reserves."

Tackling HIV in the mining industry

The guidance assists companies to manage HIV which requires employers to put policies, plans, awareness and monitoring in place.

Community unrest interdicts for clients successfully obtained

These interdicts secured by Webber Wentzel against the SAPS to compel them to fulfil their duty to maintain law and order.

Incentivizing strategic development: one step closer, or two steps back?

The South African government is under more pressure than ever before to promote energy development and attract investment.

South Africa’s mining sector in 2021 – legal issues unpacked

South Africa’s mining industry is moving in the direction of developing mining-specific standards on ESG to guide monitoring and disclosures.

Can mining houses compel employees to be vaccinated?

Mining companies will be important centres for distribution, but they will have to be circumspect in imposing vaccines on their employees.
orion minerals

Top legal issues for the South African mining sector in 2021

Key issues for 2021 will be adopting lessons from the response to the pandemic to other aspects of risk management within their businesses.

New asbestos abatement regulations published

There are certain employer duties from the old regulations that live on in the new regulations although with some modifications.

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