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Weir Minerals Africa is the market leader in slurry handling equipment. The company offers a wide range of slurry equipment solutions including...

Cavex retrofits boost recoveries at African mines

Weir Minerals’ Cavex® classification hydrocyclones have added value to two more African mines; one a gold mine and the other fluorspar.

Abrasive solids handling made simple with the new submersible pump

“The robust, fit-for-purpose design makes this pump a reliable and cost effective solution in a wide range of duties."

New generation hydrocyclone raises the bar even higher

“Built on the success of our first hydrocycloneS we can offer customers increases in their operational and circuit capacity of up to 30%."

New generation Cavex® hydro-cyclone boosts throughput, wear life

"The design of the new generation model ensures a step-change in separation performance and reduced turbulence."

High flexibility, lower cost with mobile pumphouse

Pumping slurry to tailings facilities requires a solution that can move as the dam expands to make room for additional tailings.

Exciting year ahead for Weir Minerals in Africa and Middle East

“As our mining customers look to reduce their carbon footprint, we are engineering solutions for a future that prioritises energy efficiency."

Large screens for Nigeria show Weir Minerals’ design depth

With 120 tonnes of excitation force these units will drive the screens at a stroke of 9,4 mm and a gravitational force of 4,6 G.
weir minerals africa transformation

Weir Minerals Africa celebrates empowerment transaction

“With an alignment of strategic priorities with our new partner, we have positioned this business to retain a market leading position."
Weir Minerals

Novel design delivers wear life improvements for pumps

Weir Minerals engineers developed the Warman WRT impeller and throatbush combination – delivering significant wear life improvements.
Weir Minerals Africa covid-19

Re-inventing business for a post-lockdown world

A swift, systematic and proactive response to the COVID-19 challenge has seen Weir Minerals Africa evolving new ways of working well beyond the workplace.

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