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The simple truth about the gender pay gap in South Africa

Women are redefining pathways to power, rearchitecting industries, sparking movements, and solving the most pressing problems of our time.

The barriers that barred women from the mining industry

Legislative restrictions, gender restrictions and superstition stood in the way of women proving what a valuable resource they would be to mining.

Mining industry needs to do more to protect female employees

Mining companies must pledge that they not only uphold women’s rights in the workplace but that female employees are indeed protected

The gender pay gap: Five things women should know

Many women are still discriminated against, with most falling through the cracks when it comes to equal pay compared to their male counterparts.

Exxaro undertakes makeovers for female miners

Exxaro undertakes makeovers for female miners by finding professional and leisure wear that is flattering and comfortable.
Women in Mining

South African women recognised in top 100 global Women in Mining

The Minerals Council South Africa congratulates the Top 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining and recognises South African women. 

Mining Indaba: Milestone birthday celebrations & top notch attendees

President of Ghana has confirmed as keynote speaker for Mining Indaba's 25th anniversary celebrations in 2019.

A strategy to boost community involvement in Nigeria

Exclusive interview with the Hon Janet Adeyemi, President of Women in Mining, Nigeria. At the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week in Abuja in October, she...

VIDEO: Celebrating phenomenal women in mining

In honour of womens' month, Mining Review Africa editor Laura Cornish discusses the role that women are currently fulfilling in the mining industry, why they are doing a fantastic job and in light of this, the need for a great population of the female gender in the sector.
Women in Mining

Propelling women to the summit of mining

Mentorship is a key ingredient in advancing women in the diverse world of mining, whether those working at the mine face, or in the mining supply chain.

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