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What are the dirty secrets that need to be shared about coal?

With the outcomes and implications of COP26 it’s worth highlighting one of the great paradoxes around the decarbonisation narrative.

Next commodities super-cycle will be driven by global energy transition

Fossil fuels won’t be in the vanguard and the winners will be the industrial metals needed to electrify society.

Decarbonisation: is aluminium a solution or a problem?

A 100% switch from coal to gas for alumina refining could offer a potential 26% reduction in cradle-to-gate emissions intensity.
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OPINION: Could soaring prices see copper fly too close to the sun? 

The threat from aluminium as a viable energy transmission alternative is being vastly underestimated." - Julian Kettle, Wood Mackenzie

Gold and climate change: The energy transition

The World Gold Council has identified that 99% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the gold sector are related to gold mining operations.

Will China’s thermal coal imports soar in December?

Rumours have been swirling recently that China is now thinking of buying 20 Mt or more of seaborne products.
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China aims to be carbon-neutral by 2060

“China emits over 10 billion tons of carbon and will need to make efforts to reach net-zero without affecting it economic development."
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Lithium-ion cell capacity to quadruple to 1.3 TWh by 2030

The total capacity attributes to 119 battery manufacturing facilities that are operational, under construction or announced by more than 50 vendors.
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Gold industry must invest US$37 billion by 2025

At a time of heightened economic uncertainty, the largest gold projects may struggle to secure financing until there is more clarity.
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Thermal coal markets: 5 trends to watch out for in 2020

The seaborne thermal coal market entered the year challenged by low priced LNG in the Atlantic and rapidly increasing supply in the Pacific.