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Coal remains the genesis for infrastructure development

Coal continues to be a significant contributor to development both through its role in electricity and producing building blocks of societies.
July Ndlovu coal

World Coal Association announces new chairman

The World Coal Association has announced the appointment of July Ndlovu, CEO of Anglo American’s coal business in South Africa, as its new Chairman.

Cleaner coal technologies: investment beyond a necessity

According to the World Coal Association (WCA), the global network for the coal industry, coal remains a key commodity across the planet, despite the demand for cleaner energy sources.

Indian coal sector needs international support on high efficiency coal initiatives

The Indian coal sector requires international support for advanced coal technologies in the country - because coal has been identified as playing a critical...

World Coal Association calls on World Bank to recognise coal’s electricity...

The World Coal Association (WCA) has called on the World Bank to recognise the vital role of coal in bringing affordable, reliable electricity to hundreds of...

Coal emission reduction technologies essential for global energy future

The need for more investment in coal emission reduction technologies is necessary, and revealed through pledges by a range of countries to reduce their...

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