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Gold ETFs surpass 1,000 tonnes of new demand in 2020

Gold ETFs have added more than 1,000 t for the first time ever, surpassing the 2009 record of 646 t.

World Gold Council committed to Sustainable Development Goals

“The UN’s deadline to meet its Sustainable Development Goals will soon be upon us and it is vital the pandemic does not postpone progress."

COVID-19 hits gold consumer demand in H1,2020

“COVID-19 created the perfect storm for gold investment as liquidity injections and record low interest rates significantly cut the cost of carrying gold."

Gold: Still a safe haven asset in times of crisis

As a high-quality, liquid asset, gold performs especially well during times of systemic crisis, helping investors preserve capital.

Hummingbird Resources joins World Gold Council

"I am looking forward to working with the Council and its Members to share best practice and to promote the long-term development of the gold industry.”
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Inflows into gold ETFs for a sixth straight month in April

Uncertainty surrounding the economic and social impact of COVID-19, along with significant central bank intervention, continued to drive inflows into gold.

Q1 gold demand supported as COVID-19 fuels safe-haven investment

Global gold demand held firm at 1,083.8t in Q1 2020, a rise of 1% on the same period last year, according to the World Gold Council.
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World Gold Council hosts webinar about gold demand

Dial into the World Gold Council's webinar to hear the council discuss and explain the main factors driving gold demand in the first quarter.
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Gold prices swing as markets sell off

Like most asset classes, gold is being affected by the unprecedented economic and financial market conditions in play around the globe.
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Gold price drivers – all roads lead to West Africa

The price of gold is influenced by a combination of supply, demand and investor sentiment. That seems simple enough but is sometimes counter-intuitive.

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