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Gold recoils amid selloff but may rebound

According to the World Gold Council, gold has fallen to a 20-month low amid sharp EM currency depreciation.
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Gold-backed ETFs outflows decelerated in July

Holdings in global gold-backed ETFs and similar products fell by 39 t to 2,394 t in July, pushing assets under management in US dollars down by 4%.

Gold investment on the up moving into latter half of 2018

According to the World Gold Council gold investors saw their fortunes change during the second quarter after benefiting from gold’s strong performance in Q1.

The role of gold in a multi-currency reserve system

The US dollar has been the preeminent reserve currency for decades. Now times are changing. Dr Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow of the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong, assesses the role that gold could play in the new era.
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The role of gold in climate change

Gold production processes use high levels of energy to take finished gold to market. Gold also has a higher greenhouse emission intensity per ton of product compared to other bulk metals.
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Responsible gold mining principles framework established

The World Gold Council has published a consultation paper on its Responsible Gold Mining Principles. These principles are a new framework that set out clear expectations for investors and downstream users as to what constitutes responsible gold mining.

Gold mining contributes over $171Bn to global economy – World Gold...

International – The World Gold Council, in association with Maxwell Stamp, a leading international economics consultancy, released a report this week on the social...

3% drop in gold jewellery demand in Q1, 2015 despite high...

According to the World Gold Council, a significant rise in gold demand in India for jewellery was not enough to offset a 3% decline...

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