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Kagem optimistic about Zambia’s gemstone future

The New Dawn government is a business-friendly government and has declared a tax regime which is predictable and investor-friendly.

How can the achieving of effective transformation be measured?

The lessons afforded by South Africa provide vital building blocks in developing sustainable transformation.

First Quantum Minerals spearheads private sector Covid response

The aim is to increase vaccine coverage to mitigate the severity of illness so as not to overwhelm the medical facilities in the area.

What do next year’s changes to the mining tax regime actually mean for Zambians?

Harnessing mining's potential requires urgent implementation of global best practices, without losing sight of what is best for the country.

First Quantum Minerals to appoint new CEO

"Tristan’s experience in Zambia and four years in Panama has given him a deep knowledge of our assets, operating teams and local partners."

Diamond prices: Charging towards an all-time high

Due to a lack of new projects and a continued depletion of legacy mines production dropped to a low of under 120 million carats in 2020.

Kagem introduces its largest high-quality emerald

The legacy of Chipembele will support rhinoceros conservation efforts, bringing a positive impact to conservation communities in Zambia.

Zambian emeralds set centre-stage by leading international auction house

“To certain collectors and gem connoisseurs, top quality Zambian emeralds are to be held in equal esteem to those of Colombian origin."

FQM signals renewed investment commitment in Zambia

"We look to establish the parameters for long-term investments into our growth projects in the country.” - Chairman and CEO Philip Pascall

What does the mining tax overhaul in Zambia mean?

“The mining sector remains critical to the Zambian economy as it is the main contributor to foreign exchange earnings."