zero harm


Supporting mines in striving for zero harm

There is renewed research and development into mechanisation that could significantly reduce the exposure of workers.
aeci k9

AECI Mining Explosives and the fight against illicit explosives

“Vapor Wake K9 teams play a role in comprehensive preventative security measures, by supporting strategic explosive detection activities."

Mining Elites 2020 recap: Excellence in Technology

Rocketmine As one of the first companies in South Africa to be granted a commercial drone licence, Rocketmine is...

Mining Elites 2020 recap: Thought leader of the year

Roger Baxter is fully committed to the mining industry and a person who pulls no punches when it comes to addressing pertinent matters. T
Booyco Electronics 2

Quick installation brings mine up to speed with PDS regulations

Booyco Electronics has equipped another South African platinum mine with its latest Level-9 Ready proximity detection safety system.
Booyco engineering 3

Booyco boosts in-house engineering team

Booyco Electronics is investing heavily in its expertise by actively growing its engineering department in the coming months.
Mantashe ast

Pirate operators can have you up in smoke warn AST

Allowing untrained professionals to service and maintain fire protection systems will not only dent a puts employees at great risk.

Extracting value from a liability to the environment

Compliance and the unwritten rule to ‘go beyond compliance’ in the mining industry with regards to the environment is now more important than ever before.
Chamber of Mines

DMRE issues directive on start-up procedures

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has issued a directive to all mining operations to ensure safe start-up procedures.
tanzania eskom mining charter

Life after lockdown: 10 legal considerations to take into account

It will never be ‘business as usual’ when the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown ends. Here are 10 important legal factors to consider after lockdown

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