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Predictive maintenance is an investment priority

The most widely adopted technologies are mine planning software, management software and communication systems.

Effective risk management requires good information

Decision makers and data providers can often fixate on the source and presentation of data rather than its “true worth.

Underground ADTs feature latest remote control technology

The remote capability allows the machine to be operated in dangerous conditions where it might not be safe for an operator.
GCS sustainable esg

Supply chain collaboration gains momentum to next generation vehicles

The initiative seeks what is needed to transform today’s fleet of mining vehicles into tomorrow’s new generation of cleaner, safer vehicles.
South Africa coronavirus covid-19

How to adapt to ensure safety and sustainability after COVID-19

“Our current scenario modelling estimates that 15% to 25% of South Africa's 2020 output has been lost due to lockdown."
rand air

A ‘solid gold’ 7-year safety record for gold miner

“Given the inherently demanding conditions of mining, this safety record is a remarkable achievement." - Neil Bezuidenhout

Caterpillar to deliver fatigue and distraction monitoring system

Seat vibration and audio alarms alert operators when a microsleep or distraction event is detected—to effectively reduce dangerous incidents.

Benchmark in collision avoidance with CXS

“This system takes the vital step from being just a warning system to becoming a collision avoidance system.” - Anton Lourens

Supporting mines in striving for zero harm

There is renewed research and development into mechanisation that could significantly reduce the exposure of workers.
aeci k9

AECI Mining Explosives and the fight against illicit explosives

“Vapor Wake K9 teams play a role in comprehensive preventative security measures, by supporting strategic explosive detection activities."

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