Pump manufacturer’s message to Southern Africa

KSB Pumps and Valves in South Africa has worked tirelessly through trying times to service the needs of branches and customers throughout the region.
Multotec bauxite

Custom sampler solution for guinean bauxite producer

Accurate sampling is key to the success of the bauxite industry and high-precision sampling equipment is playing its part.
IMS Engineering

How to achieve up to a 40% increase in circuit capacity

IMS Engineering is offering General Kinematics’ SMT-SCREEN, which can replace a brute force screen and provide up to 40% increase in circuit capacity.
MBE Minerals SA iron ore

Increasing throughput and decreasing maintenance in the iron ore sector

Increasing beneficiation process outputs whilst simultaneously adhering to safety regulations and minimising maintenance can be challenging.

Micromine Effects has an eye to the future

Mining software leader MICROMINE has launched an exclusive new viewer, Micromine Effects that makes sharing complex design and visualisation files a breeze.

BME: Blast planning new heights with BLASTMAP

“As an enabling tool for our AXXIS electronic initiation system, BLASTMAP now has a powerful burden relief feature." - D. Scott Scovira from BME
ael energy

Automatic energy optimisation saves millions

With the upgrade, AEL Intelligent Blasting aimed to improve efficiency and reliability by introducing AC drive motor control.
Lithium ion

What are the benefits of LiFeP04 for electric forklifts?

The aim of CHASE Technologies is to convert 50% of the current electric forklift market from lead-acid to lithium iron phosphate batteries within 5 years.
equipment DRA

Lubrication misunderstood yet essential

Lubrication is one of the most important consumables as it is essential to ensure mining equipment remains safe and fully operational.
gold roxgold

Data management invaluable in discovery of extensive gold deposit

Ian Whitehouse Product Strategy Manager, Geobank says, “All Bardoc Gold RC samples are now geologically logged directly into hand-held Geobank devices.”

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