Milling OEM and service provider Loesche has incorporated digital technology into its service offering – introduced to market through an internally designed operating software which complements the quality of the milling process SA sales manager JONATHAN SMITH explains.

“Loesche has a fantastic product, and through strategy and continuous technological development of its mills, we have been able to approach new markets and industries, offering new processes that have been developed by our R&D department and technical teams,” says Smith.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 1, 2020

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The company has consequently launched its LM master software which allows the owner to optimise the performance and availability of the mill, live in the control room or remotely offsite.

The software optimises the mill performance continuously, adjusting automatically to ensure the lowest power usage and optimal product production.

“We call this the Loesche Artificial Intelligence system for plant operation and mill optimisation. Online controls and instrumentation allow the user to verify and record critical values and adjust the mills performance whilst the mill is in operation,” Smith outlines.

Loesche technology delivers unparalleled success

Large mining institutions and engineering houses do not want to risk change from standard practises due to the unknown. But they must embrace change and new technologies that will take them into the future says Smith.

Every day mining operations are challenged with new threats. For example, the comminution circuit of a mine uses 50% of a total mine’s power. By incorporating Loesche equipment, mines can reduce this by 30 – 40%, effectively reducing power use by the same margin for nearly the entire operation.

“The large amount of the success that Loesche has had in the ore industry is with mining institutions that are really focussed on change for the better to improve recovery with the reduction of down time, maintenance, water usage, chemical usage, and waste. Loesche is able to help in all these spheres with the bonus of improved recovery of the mineral,” Smith highlights.

Loesche walks alongside its clients and ensures that its guarantees have been met before leaving site. The company furthermore also provides training and education for on-site staff to ensure the end user is comfortable with the processes and the technology.

“Support does not end here because we around the corner to aid the mine at any given time.”