Good news for excavator owners and operators

"We have built a truly unique product that delivers significantly more strength, productivity, reliability and is safer.” - Sifiso Dubazana

Walking the journey of automation in southern Africa

Automation is already seen by many mines as an essential element of their future productivity and commercial sustainability.

Glencore Technology: New and optimised concentrator design

“In a world progressively moving toward lower grades and higher throughputs, this concentrator circuit could be a game changer.”

The benefits of emulsion pumping technology in blasting

“The low-profile platinum operations are particularly well-suited for the application of our emulsion pump technology.”

Machine learning for predictive control in minerals processing

“While basic control provides adequate control in terms of plant safety, it rarely achieves optimal control in quality."

South African start-up wins Global Unicorn for top business idea

The competition helps top companies to Venture Capitalists and investors saw last year’s winner raise $22 million off the back of the awards.

Axis House: Reagent expert celebrates 20 years

Axis House has developed a footprint throughout Australia and Africa with a focus on southern and central Africa.

Demanding chute design for sinter plant

The recent installation of custom-engineered transfer chutes at a sinter plant in Turkey highlight the value of decades of experience.

Breakthrough blockchain solution for end-to-end cobalt traceability

The blockchain solution will help responsibly produced cobalt from the mine to the electric car.

New copper mine dewaters backfill with FLSmidth filter

FLSmidth vacuum disc filters are playing a vital role in preparing tailings slurry for a backfill application in in the DRC.

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