Hoists that ensure the highest level of personnel and equipment safety

“This is a significant milestone in mine hoist safety representing a world first for fully certified Safety Integrity Level 3 hoisting."

Wireless networks key enablers for mining’s transformation

Nokia supports more than 40 mine sites that are accelerating their digital transformation by deploying industrial-grade networks.

Designed for safety: a new approach to belt conveyors

The design delivers extends service life, lowers belt wear, significantly reduces maintenance, and improves safety.

Underground ADTs feature latest remote control technology

The remote capability allows the machine to be operated in dangerous conditions where it might not be safe for an operator.

Automatic lubrication system boosts productivity and lowers costs

By delivering the exact amount of grease to where it is required, the system eliminates wastage providing further cost-savings for customers.

Zambian contractor showcases project capacity

E and I Zambia has successfully completed a large project on a new process plant for one of Zambia’s leading copper miners.
IMS Engineering

Change of mindset for ore processing

The focus has always been on the capital cost but total cost of ownership should be a principal factor in any buying decision.

Underground sensor-based sorter starts operation at rock salt mine

For K+S achieving certified and guaranteed high purity, compliant with the strict standards of the food industry, is a priority.
environmental assessment

Anglo American adds low emission fleet to global shipping operations

LNG marine fuel offers environmental advantages over heavy fuel oil – the most widely used fuel by vessels operating along sea trade routes.

Rig control system for blasthole drilling rigs

RCS 4.20 brings new features ultimately targeting increased productivity in mining operations.

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