AI Automation Mining

Artificial Intelligence in mining – are we there yet?

While AI is a much touted technology in mining, it would seem that the sector is yet to fully embrace this advance technology.
weba chute systems 01

Quality chute designs solves many plant challenges

Weba Chute System’s design philosophy has found its way into over 5,000 transfer chute installations in mines and plants around the globe.
strategy business

Business continuity: the driving force for VBKom

“You still need people to manage the technology but we are definitely on a track towards automation.” - VBKom director Eduan Pieterse
Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology

Travel restrictions no challenge for technology implementation

Despite travel restrictions associated with COVID-19, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology found solutions to overcome these challenges.
metso outotec

Compact primary crusher for above and underground applications

The crusher’s feed opening is 15% larger than in similar crushers, while also reaching up to 30% more capacity than comparable crushers.
rand air

A ‘solid gold’ 7-year safety record for gold miner

“Given the inherently demanding conditions of mining, this safety record is a remarkable achievement." - Neil Bezuidenhout

Benefits of dry-type transformers embraced in Africa

“We have seen wider application of dry-type transformers in Africa, as they move from niche products to more universal use."
chase technologies

Li-ion battery technology is a game changer

LiFePO4 is environment-friendly and reduces heavy metal pollution as it is produced without any cadmium, lead or mercury.
multotec water

Getting the most from treating mine effluent

Treating effluent on mines often makes use of reverse osmosis (RO) technology, but low recoveries can raise costs substantially

Caterpillar to deliver fatigue and distraction monitoring system

Seat vibration and audio alarms alert operators when a microsleep or distraction event is detected—to effectively reduce dangerous incidents.

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