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Delivery of flotation measures for Polish branches of mining Group Sp. Z Oo

The tender specifically calls for:

The flotation reagent supply for kwk row movement marcel preparation for flotation of energy and coking coal types 33 and 34.1 in vaporisers for the following effects and fulfilling the parameters:

1) at least 65%

2) aseptic concentration up to 7%

3) consumption not exceeding 0.33 kg / t dry feed

4) flash point above 610 c.

5) solidification temperature not higher than minus 350 c.

6) does not have corrosive effect.

7) delivery in a car tank equipped with flexible hoses of the total length about 15 m.

The offered reagent must have a positive opinion from the industrial tests conducted in 2017 or the current use in a given department.

Attempts will be made for a minimum of two weeks at the following locations conditions: – weekly test to exclude effects on the reagent used so far, – a weekly test specifying stable quality effects of the process, – analysis of the results of the tests carried out by the external notified body research unit at the expense of the tenderer or mine laboratory, – free delivery of the reagent in the amount necessary for the needs of the research – in the event of negative influence of the reagent on the processes occurring in the water and mudflow.

The contracting authority reserves the right to stop the tests with immediate effect. Another resumption of testing may only occur after stabilisation of the water / – the trials will be conducted with the participation of the contracting authority and the supplier; Control process of flotation under the direction of the ordering party.

The supplier shall at his own expense for all necessary modifications to the flotation agent resulting from the change of ownership of coals destined for flotation enrichment during the contract term.

Estimated volume of 80 000 kg.

This contract is divided into lots: Yes deposits and guarantees required: 1.the applicant requests from the contractors to pay a security of 25 000 pln. In the case of submitting a partial bid the bid security amount is for task 1 – pln 4,000 for task number 2 – pln 17,000 for task no 3 – pln 4 000 depending on the amount of the part of the order for which the bid is submitted.

The amount of the bid bond will be the sum of the bid bonds required for particular parts of the contract, for which the contractor submits the bid.

The applicant does not require a performance bond.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: Date: 21/11/2017 local time: 08:45