Tenders are invited for recruitment of a cabinet for the census of small craftsmen and miners / quarrymen in the mineral development sector in Guinea.

The ACP-EU Program on Development Minerals is a three-year capacity-building program for a total of 13.1 million aimed at improving the profile and management of Neglected Development Minerals (industrial minerals; building materials, gemstones, and semi-precious stones).

The program is an initiative of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), funded by the European Union and UNDP.

Implementation is provided by UNDP.

The ACP-EU Program for Development Minerals aims to make the sector a key contribution to the ACP Framework for Action for the Development of the Mineral Resource Sector approved by the ACP Committee of Ambassadors in 2011 and to the ambitious Objectives of the United Nations.

The initiative also aims to support the development of a competitive local private sector in the ACP countries, in line with the EU Communication “Enhancing the impact of EU development policy: action for change “.

This intra-ACP program was launched by the ACP Secretariat, financed by the European Commission and UNDP, and is currently being implemented by UNDP at the request of the ACP Group of States.

At the regional level, the program conducts capacity-building activities with participants from 41 ACP countries through regional training workshops, field visits, development of reference tools and knowledge exchange.

The program will also hold a closing conference to improve the knowledge-sharing activities undertaken during the implementation of the program.

Participants in the regional workshops implement the skills and knowledge acquired through training through return to work plans.

At the country level, extensive capacity building is being undertaken in six countries: Cameroon (Central Africa); Guinea (West Africa); Uganda (East Africa); Zambia (Southern Africa); Jamaica (Caribbean); and the Fiji Islands (Pacific).

Country activities are mainly training; small grants; production of maps and databases; development of environmental, health and safety regulations; organising community dialogues, technology fairs and networking events.

The project intends to identify small operators and mining craftsmen and quarrymen working in the exploitation of Development Minerals in order to identify and locate the actors for better planning of accompanying actions within the framework of the implementation of the actions .

UNDP Guinea is looking for a provider with experience in statistical and enumeration studies for the exhaustive identification of stakeholders along the value chain and the design of a directory of operators.

Closing date: 6 October 2017