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Togo requires a consultant for the audit of Mining Artisanal and Small Scale mining

In West Africa, the government of the Togo has received a credit from the World Bank to finance the cost of the Project Development and Governance Mining (PDGM), which includes mining artisanal and small scale mining.

As such, government intends to use part of these funds to eligible payments under a contract for a detailed audit mission for Mining Artisanal and Small Scale (ASM) in Togo.

Expected services of the consultant for Mining Artisanal and Small Scale mining:

  • Reports on inventory of the situation of the ASM with actual actors including women’s representation, 15 days after signing the contract
  • List of actions regulations for monitoring activities including implementation plan, 20 days after signing the contract
  • Technical assistance plan for capacity building of stakeholders in the field of environmental management and health and safety problems, 30 days after contract signature depending on the meeting calendar
  • Report on the situation of women on the websites of ASM;

Expression of interest – terms and conditions

The individual consultant must hold a BSc + 5 minimum in earth sciences geology / mining social, law or economics, with at least ten years in the mining administration, and have good knowledge of the role state in the mining sector through the objectives of the department in charge of mines, its operations and its structuring.

It must also have practical experience of ten years at least in artisanal mining and small scale mining in the sub-region.

The consultant should have good knowledge of the name, purpose and mode of operation of mining equipment; and having to conduct seminars and / or international conferences on artisanal mining and small-scale mining.

Moreover, the consultant must be free of any commitment; have a perfect command of the French language and be in good physical condition.

Tender information

The Ministry of Mines and Energy, invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services described above. Interested consultants must provide information that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform these services.

The selection criteria are:

  • Qualifications and years of experience of the consultant, 25 points;
  • Consultant experience in the area of artisanal mining and small-scale, 40 points;
  • Experience of the consultant in the field of the development plan of actions, ToRs and technical dossier for strengthening capacities of artisans and mining administration; 35 points

The selected consultant will be invited to submit a technical and financial proposal and to negotiate the contract.

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the individual consultant selection procedures specified in the Consultant Guidelines cited above.

The attention of consultants interested in the mission must also include the paragraph 1.9 of the Guidelines of the World Bank: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, January 2011 (revised in July 2014) (Consultants Guidelines) which describes the policies of the World Bank on conflicts of interest (attached).


Expressions of interest must be written in French provided in three copies, one original. The original and the copies must be placed in an envelope clearly marked “selection of an individual consultant for the detailed audit of the Mining Artisanal and Small Scale mining (ASM) in Togo.”

Expressions of interest must be submitted in a sealed envelope or by email no later than 29th July 2016 at 10:00am local time / T.U at the address provided:

Secrétariat PRMP Rue des Hydrocarbures en face de l’Air Liquide Numéro de bureau : Secrétariat de la PRMP Porte N° 105, Lomé, Togo

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