Hyster forklift

The 16-ton Hyster, fitted with a
tyre-handling attachment, is
used to change tyres on a
100-ton water tanker

Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen Mine in the northern Cape has taken delivery of a 25-ton Hyster forklift from Barloworld Equipment Handling to change extra-large haul truck and wheel loader tyres. Fitted with a tyre-handling attachment, the machine can remove and fit tyres of up to 10 tons and 4.2 metres in diameter safely and efficiently.

Delivery of the machine follows the reliable performance of a 16-ton tyre-handling Hyster forklift at Sishen, which has been changing tyres of up to five tons for the past 12 years.

The 25t unit is fitted with a hydraulically-operated IMT 3565 tyre hand attachment with a maximum lift capacity of 11 340kg and a clamp span of 1.5m to 4.2m. The attachment enables the operator to remove and fit tyres from the safety of the fully featured, ergonomically designed Hyster cab. Because the tyre may obscure the view during transport, or while being fitted, a camera has been provided on the mast, enabling a clear view ahead for the operator via a CCTV screen in the cab.

According to the mine, the 25t machine provides the same maneuverability and ease of operation as the 16t unit, while its upgraded control system enables advanced electronic and hydraulic control of all functions. It is also ergonomically advanced, with panels enabling easy access for maintenance and daily checklist.

The tyre-handling attachment enables 390º body rotation, which gives the operator flexible adjustment opportunities. By using the remote controls, the tyre handler can be rotated and tilted forward or back, as well as side-to-side, with precision. By combining this manoeuvrability with CCTV capability, the operator can easily position and mount the tyre and rim assembly.

The Hyster is used to service the mine’s large haul trucks, wheel loader fleet and dump trucks, and is manned and on duty 24/7. Competent tyre handling at the mine has become all the more vital since the price of large dump truck tyres has escalated to some R200 000 per unit.