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45-day suspension of production at Baluba mine

The headgear at
Baluba copper mine
in Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 11 November 2010 – China Non-Ferrous Metals Corporation (CNMC) has announced that it is to suspend production at its Baluba copper mine in Zambia from 15 November for 45 days, in order to replace its ore hoisting system.

Reuters reports from the Zambian capital that CNMC spokesman Sydney Chileya said: “We are going to have no production for the whole of this period, but underground mining development will continue.”

He added that the processing plant would have to be shut down because there would be no ore to process."

Chileya went on to reveal that with its new ore hoisting system the Baluba mine would increase the speed of hoisting the ore from the mine to 8 metres per second from the current 2.5 metres per second.

CNMC announced in December last year that it planned to double finished copper output at Baluba from the 20 000t projected for 2010 to 40 000tpa in five years’ time.