Submergible pump and motor specialist, Ernest Electro Engineering, is offering the Boerger rotary lube pumps and macerating technology to the mining industry.

While Boerger did not invent the rotary lube pump it has made something special of this technology, including low energy consumption and a maintenance-inplace system that reduces life cycle costs. These pumps have been successfully used around the world in a variety of applications including the pumping of various fluids, thickened sludge, clarifier sludge, and primary sludge with up to 10% solids content. The Boerger pumps are used exclusively by Berlin’s sewage and wastewater management infrastructure, and are used in wastewater treatment plants in Hong Kong, Chicago and Berlin.

The key to this pump is its modular design that enables Johannesburg-based Ernest Electro Engineering together with its partner, Boerger, in Germany, to provide a customised solution to any specific application. Boerger is the leading manufacturer of elastomer coated rotary lobe pumps, and each pump is customised to the nature of the application, involving a solution based on teamwork between the customer and Boerger’s engineering department. These pumps use the principle of a self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump, and include 15 models in four series with flow rates of between 0.5 and 800 m3/h.

The variety of components and construction materials used enables the supply of an optimised pump for the requirements of each customer. Rotor shapes and/or elastomer materials, shaft seals and pump casing materials are all chosen depending on the pumped fluid.

The pump package can also include drives, couplings, base frames, etc. A variety of base frame configurations as well as individually designed mobile pump aggregates can be accomplished. Boerger has also developed special shaft seal designs for fluids that are usually hard to seal against.

The door of the Boerger pump features a quick release cover to allow immediate access to all fluid wetted parts. The rotors, which have a screw shaped design for pulsation free operation, feature patented rotor tips that can be rapidly changed, and the rotors can be entirely coated, as required by the application, with a choice of different elastomers, urethane, PTFE or stainless steel. The shaft seal is a robust and durable mechanical seal as standard, but there is also the option of using Boerger’s multiseal system or packing.

The pump’s flow can be reversed by rotation direction change and this is suitable for loading and unloading applications. The pump’s large volume geometry and short suction and discharge distance enables a gentle pumping operation while the compact design ensures high flows in limited space. The pump casing is made from quality cast iron, ductile iron or stainless steel, and offers almost unlimited durability. The pump casing protection can include liners made from Hardox steel, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic material.

One of the major strengths of the Boerger pumps, something that is particularly relevant in the production focused mining industry, is that they are designed to minimise downtime to mere minutes and also eliminate maintenance costs. The pumps are designed for maintenance in place by the customer’s own staff, and this technology thus eliminates expensive maintenance contracts and complicated repairs. All fluid wetted parts can be replaced without the removal of pipes, drives or other components of the pump unit.

In 2001, Boerger started manufacturing the Multicrusher, a twin shaft grinder based on the construction of the rotary lube pump.MRA