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Adding value to non-motorised asset monitoring and tracking

Valuable non-motorised onsite assets can be fully monitored by the QIC-T12 trailer tracking solution developed by leading asset management solutions provider QCIC, in order to eliminate the risk of theft and to effectively optimise usage and performance.

QCIC director Brian McKenzie states that the QIC-T12 is an ideal solution for assets that are tethered to a 12 V to 24 V system, but may stay idle for long periods of time. “The QIC-T12 device is a rechargeable trailer tracking solution designed for management and stolen asset recovery purposes. It can be fitted to trailers, compressors, power generators and lighting plants, to name a few.”

The QIC-T12 is ideally-suited to industries such as mining, agriculture and transport. It comes standard with a 57 Amp Lithium-Ion field replaceable battery pack that is enclosed and sealed in a water and dust proof container, making it ideal for deployment in harsh operating conditions.

Due to the constant threat of freight hijacking, McKenzie indicates that the device provides fleet managers with full peace-of-mind with regards to the recovery of stolen assets. “Intelligent over-the-air serviceability allows QCIC to determine and monitor device health status across the customer’s fleet to immediately identify issues before they become costly problems. This is essential when dealing with onsite rechargeable battery-operated devices that are not always tethered to a power source.”

For added security, the QIC-T12 is installed in a tamper proof enclosure, and can be retrofitted to any asset. The device also carries ten built-in geofences that act as an immediate alarm if triggered when moving in or out of the predetermined geo-fenced areas, whether safe or unsafe.

In addition to security and recovery, the QIC-T12 is also a useful and efficient tool for asset management monitoring, such as; mileage, service intervals and zone visitations. For plant hire businesses, the QIC-T12 is ideal for billing related issues, including; hours worked, kilometres travelled, loads achieved and deliveries completed.

McKenzie reveals that the fleet management and recovery system, together with server and back-end software, is developed locally. “There are similar devices available in the market, however the QIC-T12 is the only local device of its kind that is fully remotely configurable with on-board intelligence and propriety scripting. As a result, market response has been excellent, and I am optimistic of future growth,” he concludes.

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