London, England — MININGREVIEW.COM — 30 March 2011 – The prospect of growing Chinese economic clout is welcomed in all African countries, in contrast to other parts of the world where attitudes are either negative or divided, according to a BBC World Service survey.

The survey “’ which covered 28,000 people in 27 countries “’ asked how they viewed the possibility of an economically far stronger China. Around four in five Nigerians and Kenyans said they looked forward to such an outcome. All African countries viewed China’s increasing economic power positively,” the survey report said.

Sub-Saharan Africa was also home to the very few countries worldwide where most people would be happy about China boosting its military might.

China is investing large amounts of money and technical expertise in African countries, seeking a reliable source of raw materials to sustain its economic growth.

Globally, half of all respondents favoured the prospect of a wealthier China, and only a third believed it would be unwelcome. The split was little changed from the previous poll in 2005.

However, in North America, the majority would view such a development warily, and more so than six years ago. Unfavourable views of China’s economic influence also rose in neighbouring Japan, South Korea and Russia.

Overall, people expected that China would be a more important economic partner to their respective countries than the United States or the European Union in 10 years’ time.

The interviews were conducted between December 2010 and February this year.