African Potash has completed the acquisition of exploration seismic data at its highly prospective Lac Dinga Project in the Republic of Congo.  The data will enable the company to delineate areas for drilling and support the advancement of its on-ground exploration activities at its flagship potash project.

African Potash has acquired about 415 line kilometres of recent oil industry standard regional 2D seismic data covering 470km2 on and around the Lac Dinga licence area, as well as additional data from two historic oil exploration boreholes, which will allow a quality target generation exercise to be undertaken. Targeting work supported by intercepted potash mineralisation (sylvinite and carnallitite) and corresponding down hole gamma logs from drill holes contiguous to the project area. The acquisition of seismic data is a positive step towards finalising an initial exploration programme at the Lac Dinga project.

“The acquisition and interpretation of the newly acquired data will allow the company to interpret the Lac Dinga area in a regional geological context, and provide a solid platform for the next stage of exploration, that has the potential to prove the highly prospective nature of the asset,” said African Potash CEO Edward Marlow.

“The Congo Basin is underlain by an extensive evaporate sequence, which is the repository for potentially vast potash mineralisation as indicated by historical, basin-wide exploration drilling.  To date, the Company’s exploration efforts have been confined to generating the foundations for targeting, but we are now in a position to take a positive step forward with a new on-ground exploration programme, designed to confirm the prospectivity expectations.”

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