Airgas Nigeria branch manager Emmanuel DaziQuality service and faster turnaround times will now be possible in Nigeria and the surrounding countries thanks to the establishment of a local office and service centre by blower and compressor supply specialist Airgas Compressors.

Airgas is the Sub-Saharan subsidiary of German-based Aerzener Maschinenfabrik (Aerzen), one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of roots blowers, turbo blowers, screw compressors, rotary lobe compressors and gas meters.

The Johannesburg-based company established a branch in Lagos, Nigeria in February 2013 with the aim of providing close proximity sales and service offerings to clients in need of air and gas conveying equipment, in the country and surrounding regions. According to Airgas Nigeria branch manager Emmanuel Dazi, Nigeria was chosen as the base for a new office due to the fact that it is the most established market in the rapidly developing West Africa region.

“The Nigerian economy is growing, and there is expansion into the mining, cement, food processing and gas sectors. We already have several customers based in Nigeria and, by establishing this branch, we are able to respond quickly to customer needs, and provide a level of service that was not previously possible,” he explains.

At present, the Airgas branch in Nigeria is only an office, however a workshop will be opened in early March 2015 to cater for all service requirements, including field service, repairs and overhauls. This will have a positive impact on the quality of service experienced by Airgas clients. Dazi highlights that once the workshop is fully operational, the turnaround time on repairs and service to machinery will be drastically reduced.

“A standard overhaul for example, can take a couple of months to complete, being the current industry standard. Having the service centre in Nigeria will reduce this to approximately three weeks, which is unrivalled in the local market. This value-added service ensures that our clients experience less downtime and remain highly competitive in a rapidly developing market. It will also increase customer confidence in the Aerzen brand,” he adds.

Dazi points out that many local companies struggle to find legitimate after sales service agents and spares. He believes that this is where customers will benefit most from Airgas Nigeria. Not only will they be able to purchase highly reliable Aerzen blowers and compressors, but receive superior after sales service and spare parts according to OEM specifications.

The future objective for the Airgas office in Nigeria is for it to match the Johannesburg branch in terms of service delivery excellence. “The aim is for the Nigerian branch to grow into a self-sustaining, successful market leader in the local industry. We are working hard to make sure that we are a success in Nigeria. This is evident in the fact that we are currently in the process of increasing our staff complement on the service and administration side of the business,” Dazi concludes.

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