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Algeria misses gold production target

Earth moving in full
swing at Tirek-
Amesmessa gold
project in Algeria
Algiers, Algeria — MININGREVIEW.COM — 20 October 2008 – Algeria will fail to achieve an ambitious plan aimed at increasing its gold output from less than one tonne to more than three tonnes this year.

Quoting energy and mines minister Chakib Khelil, Reuters reported that gold production would drop to 700 kg, because of a lack of explosives which would also hit other mines, including zinc and lead.

“All mines are currently paralysed by the lack of explosives,” the agency quoted him as adding.

Khelil also cited problems linked to routing explosives to mining sites as another obstacle preventing mines from being developed.

Mines director at the energy and mines ministry Tahar Arrouj was quoted as saying in November 2007 that gold output would reach three tonnes in 2008 following the launch of production at the Tirek-Amesmessa mine project.

Algerian gold output stood at 377 kg in 2006 in Africa’s second-largest country, according to the ministry’s Website.