AMCU president
Joseph Mathunjwa
Johannesburg, South Africa — 21 June 2013 – The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), which represents about a fifth of the gold miners in South Africa, may not participate in this year’s wage negotiations which are due to begin soon.

“No demands have been received from AMCU as yet,” Bloomberg News quotes the Chamber of Mines, as saying. The Chamber, which represents the country’s biggest gold producers, is reported to have revealed this in a statement on its website. “While we would hope, as an industry, to engage in a single forum, this is not necessarily a foregone conclusion,” it added.

The AMCU, led by Joseph Mathunjwa, is the second-biggest union in South Africa’s gold industry, counting 17.2% of workers as its members, the Chamber said. The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), which is aligned with the ruling African National Congress, is the industry’s biggest union with 64.3% of miners. Mathunjwa used to be an NUM member before founding AMCU and becoming its president.

“Irrespective of whether negotiations take place in one forum or not, the industry will be taking a common approach,” the Chamber said. Wage talks are expected to take place in the middle of July.

AMCU officials could not immediately be reached by phone for comment.

Source: Bloomberg News. For more information, click here.