AngloGold Ashanti
chief executive
Mark Cutifani
Johannesburg, South Africa — 22 October 2012 – AngloGold Ashanti Limited has told its striking South African miners to return to work or face dismissal, as the bullion producer looks to end a labour action that is choking off its output and costing billions of dollars.

South Africa’s biggest gold producer said in a statement today that its workers, who have been on a month-long wildcat strike, must return to work by noon on Wednesday or face dismissal, reports Reuters. Those who return on time will receive an improved wage offer, the company said.  

AngloGold Ashanti reiterated that the strike is costing it 32,000oz a week in lost output.

“It is regretful that matters have reached this stage, with job losses now being threatened and livelihoods for thousands of families being placed at risk,” said AngloGold chief executive Marl Cutifani in the statement.

With the government calling on miners to return to work, companies have become emboldened to issue dismissal ultimatums to thousands of illegal strikers, a hard-ball negotiating tactic that appears to be having some effect.

Source: Reuters Africa. For more information, click here.