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Angola may build aluminium smelter

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Luanda, Angola — MININGREVIEW.COM — 06 May 2009 – Norwegian company Norsk Hydro and the government of Angola have signed a memorandum of understanding here to explore the feasibility of an integrated project for hydropower and aluminium production in the Southern African country.

In a statement issued here the company said that, if realised, the project would represent a long-term opportunity for Hydro that could also provide a significant boost to social and economic development in Angola. Hydro has been in discussion with the government of Angola over several years in an effort to mature the project idea.

Head of strategy and business development Arvid Moss signed the memorandum on behalf of Hydro at a ceremony here, while energy minister Emanuela Vieira Lopes and deputy industry minister Kiala Gabriel signed on behalf of the government of Angola.

Reuters reports that the memorandum marks the first step towards exploring this project opportunity, and that the government of Angola and Hydro are now entering an early fact-finding phase.