Diamond mining
in Angola
Luanda, Angola — 23 April 2012 – The Angolan mining sector grew 11.8% cent from 2008 to 2011, with the greatest contribution coming from the sub-sector of construction material.

allAfrica.com reports that this was revealed here by the Angolan secretary of state for industry, Kiala Ngone Gabriel, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the event to celebrate the Angolan mining sector workers’ day which will be marked on 27 April.

Citing the Angola Press Agency, it said Gabriel went on to say that the diamonds sub-sector had contributed to this growth with 2.5%; the industrial exploration sector had given 3%; and artisanal exploration of diamonds had realised 2%.

According to the secretary of state, a geology and mining national plan was already being drafted, and that would enable the department to understand and take better advantage of the country’s resources, with a view to a greater contribution to the growth of the national economy.

He added that the Mining Code, approved in 2011, had been enabling in understanding the rights and duties of workers, as well as the respective responsibilities towards the communities where the resources were extracted.

Source: allAfrica.com. For more information, click here.