The Arusha International Gem, Jewellery and Mineral Fair (AIGJMF 2013) has proved a great success after raising US$4.3 million from sales of gemstones. reports that this year’s sales were 13% above last year’s, when US$ 3.8 million was achieved.

Mineral Fair secretary Benjamin Mchwampaka, said that in the four days of the show the government realised US$140 000 as revenue from royalty, export and import fees from sales proceeds of the minerals in four days.”

Mchwampaka, who is also the aassistant commissioner for minerals (Northern Zone), told Daily News that Tanzanite was the most popular gemstone at the show, but other minerals like Savorite, Spinel and Ruby also sold well.

“The exhibition ‘flag bearer’ gemstone was tanzanite, which dominated the trading by 87.86%”  per cent,” Mchwampaka said. The balance was shared by other gems and jewellery and minerals.

The four-day event brought together premier gemstone and mineral producers and dealers from 13 sub-Saharan African countries.
The secretary said he could not quantified the number of deals entered during the fair as most were done on one-to-one basis but a number of deals were struck.

The AIGJMF 2013 was held at the last four days of last month. Arusha used to hold such fairs, but they were halted a decade ago. According to available information from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, they used to generate up to US$600,000annually.

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Picture: Business was brisk at the Arusha International Gem, Jewellery and Mineral Fair.