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Assmang may convert two more furnaces

The furnace building
at Assmang’s Cato
Ridge works
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 13 September 2010 – Assmang Limited “’ which is jointly controlled by African Rainbow Minerals Limited and Assore Limited “’ has announced that it is evaluating the conversion of a further two open furnaces at its Machadodorp works for the production of high carbon ferromanganese in preference to ferrochrome.

This follows the successful conversion of another furnace at the Machadorp works earlier this year.

Assmang confirmed in a statement here that it remained the aim of the company to optimise alloy production across its facilities. Although most regulatory matters were in place, there were a number of engineering and logistical issues that required resolution before this conversion could be implemented. It was therefore anticipated that it would not take place before mid 2011.

Assmang has not been able to meet the strong market demand consistently for high carbon ferromanganese from its Cato Ridge works and from the No 5 Furnace at the Machadodorp works. If it proceeds with the new proposed conversion, it is anticipated that it will increase Assmang’s capacity for high carbon ferromanganese to approximately   400 000tpa, and make approximately 100 000tpa of additional product available to the market.

“With the ongoing uncertainties around the availability of electricity for future expansion in South Africa, the proposed conversion would free up sufficient power to allow Assmang to also consider expansion options at its smelters, and studies in this regard are continuing,” the statement added.