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Benga coal project shows promising results

Coal outcrop at
Riversdale’s Benga
project in Mozambique
Perth, Australia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 20 March 200 – Riversdale Mining Limited – a mining company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange – has started pilot scale coking tests for its Benga coal project in Mozambique, and initial results are promising. This project is a joint venture with Tata Steel Limited which has a 35% interest.

A statement released here by the company confirmed that the Benga coking coals would be premium hard coking coals.

It revealed that a coke strength of 71 had been produced from the first Benga coke. This indicated the potential for the Benga coking coals to be “premium hard” coking coals. Premium hard coking coals typically had CSRs greater than 65, and CSR was one of the key quality parameters used to assess coke quality.

The statement pointed out that these results were preliminary, and that future results were expected to vary by seam. However the results were indicative of the potential of the Benga coking coals.

Managing director Steve Mallyon commented: “Coking results continue to confirm that the quality of the Benga coking coals will be equal to the best coking coals sold in the market today. This reaffirms our belief that Mozambique will become a key coking coal supplier to steel mills globally.”