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Braemore revises Conroast agreement

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London, England — MININGREVIEW.COM — 02 July 2009 – Braemore Resources – an AIM-listed company with the objective of becoming a top 10 international nickel and platinum group metal producer – has announced revisions which will improve its ConRoast technology agreement with mining technology organisation Mintek.

A company announcement issued here said the revised ConRoast agreement further strengthened the technology partnership formed between Mintek and Braemore, which provided for the commercial exploitation of the ConRoast technology through the smelting and refining of platinum group metals.

The amended agreement came at an important juncture in Braemore’s growth, with the development phase drawing to a conclusion and plans on the table for the accelerated commercialisation of the ConRoast technology.

Two key points of the amended agreement are that:

  • Braemore Platinum has consolidated its sole, exclusive right to use and commercially exploit the ConRoast technology within the PGM industry on a global basis. and
  • An extension of the exclusivity period is available to Braemore for the life of the ConRoast patents which expire in 2020.

Braemore CEO Leon Coetzer commented: “This extension and continuing exclusivity reflects the considerable progress we have made and the results we have achieved to date in the development and application of the ConRoast technology. The revised agreement represents a strengthened foundation from which to accelerate the commercialisation of the technology through further partnerships or joint ventures with PGM producers.”