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Brighten up with ELB at the St Vincent Colourful Run

On Saturday 2nd August, hundreds of runners will line the streets of Birdhaven under a snow white balloon arch, dressed in white and ready to take to the streets in search of COLOUR. Five COLOUR STATIONS await them where they’ll be bombarded with beautiful brightly coloured powder. Runners from all walks of life, ages and abilities will participate side by side, delighting in a pantomime of COLOUR, celebrating our healthy bodies and exploring our beautiful Johannesburg City Parks.

The inaugural St Vincent Colourful Run took place on 3rd August 2013, with around 2000 participants. The event was a huge success as it appealed to a wide audience comprising of corporate teams, schools, extended families, runners & fitness enthusiasts, the deaf community, young adults and varsity students.

The James and Ethel Gray Park made a perfect setting with entertainment provided at the end in the form of a kiddies play area, flea market for family members and spectators, crafts made by the St Vincent students and a tea garden set-up with several food and coffee stalls.

Since deaf people experience the world VISUALLY, we hope that our beautiful COLOURFUL RUN will capture the attention of the public to raise awareness for the deaf community, promote the St Vincent school, and raise much needed funds for deaf education. We believe that COLOUR is the perfect medium to communicate this message

Education in South Africa is extremely challenging, but many people do not appreciate the unique difficulties experienced in educating deaf children. Funds are needed for resources, technology, specialised staff and audio equipment. The ability to speak eloquently and communicate effectively are so often taken for granted, but for deaf children the gift of a good education is priceless.

The St Vincent school was established in 1934 and has a proud history of educating deaf children for the past 80 years. The school reflects the socio-economic diversity of South Africa and currently has over 370 pupils, ranging from 3 to 21 years old, from pre-school to primary school, high school and vocational training, as well as a “Special Needs Programme” for learners with severe learning disabilities.

Deafness is an invisible disability. Deaf people use their hands and bodies to communicate and their eyes to listen, but they battle constantly with communication barriers. We have over 383 000 deaf people in South Africa, of whom around 65% are unemployed, typically as a result of poor education during their early years. A special approach is needed in order to fully integrate deaf children into society, in order for them to fulfil their potential and becomemeaningful contributingmembers of society.

ELB Engineering have been generous supporters of The St Vincent School for the Deaf for several years, and together, we hope to bridge the gap between the world of the hearing and non hearing with our unique COLOURFUL RUN event.

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