The Chamber of Mines has given the nod to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s National Budget presentation. “The Chamber is encouraged by the focus on prudent macroeconomic decision making in a challenging global and local economic environment and particularly in the context of the struggling mining sector,” it said in a statement.

The Minister’s focus on the critical need for partnership between government, business, labour and civil society in order to achieve the higher growth rates envisaged in the National Development Plan is critical for the mining sector and for the country.

“It is through a collaborative problem solving partnership that we can break down the barriers to higher growth for the benefit of all citizens,” said Mike Teke, President of the Chamber of Mines South Africa.

The recognition by the Minister of the challenges that the mining sector faces, and the commitment shown by government to working with the industry, to restore stability in the industrial relations space, to streamlining mining licensing and to get the mining industry back to work are important statements, the statement said.