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Charter Airline Service for Mining Sector

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The fixed wing charter services of National Airways Corporation provides regular flights to mining executives, investors, government officials and technical personnel for destinations within South Africa and across the African continent.

Many of the destinations in Africa which are of interest to the mining sector are not, or are poorly served by scheduled airline services. Air charter hence becomes a logical choice for convenient, safe and flexible transport to such mining locations. National Airways Corporation (NAC) also occasionally transports specialised equipment including radioactive materials in accordance with the relevant dangerous goods regulations.

The company’s helicopter fleet supports secluded mining areas all over Africa. This includes supplies to geophysical operations, extraction, geophysical surveys, as well as basic logistics that would otherwise be impossible without the aerial support of a helicopter. NAC’s helicopter fleet is versatile enough to accommodate the requirements that are needed for the mission at hand.

NAC was established in 1946 and is part of the listed Imperial group of companies. Over the years, NAC has become the largest general aviation company in Africa and one of the largest of its kind in the world. Through NAC’s acquisition of 43rd Air School, it has become the largest pilot and technical trainer of aviation personnel in the southern hemisphere.

NAC’s charter operations departing from its base at Lanseria provides comfortable, private lounges where clients can assemble prior to departing on their flights. In Africa, the company’s services have spread as far as Algeria, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Botswana, etc. NAC also has operations in Afghanistan and Australia.

NAC’s reputation for providing a safe and reliable aviation service is underpinned by rigorous compliance with the standard set by the CAA which regularly audits NAC’s maintenance and operations. It is also regularly audited by major corporations such as BP, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and the UNO. Such audits often require compliance with standards higher than that required by the CAA.

The aircraft provide by NAC are particularly well suited to Africa. Its fixed wing equipment includes long range Gulfstreams, mid range Hawker jets, short range Premier jets and the workhorse Beechcraft twin-engine turboprops. Its helicopter fleet includes executive twin turbine Bell and single turbine Bell helicopters.

NAC continues to expand its operations divisions and looks forward to increasing the fleet under its management. This additional capacity will allow it to provide an even broader range of aviation services and greater scope for tailoring its service to the needs of clients. Notwithstanding the current economic climate, NAC anticipates a growing demand for charter flights in Africa in the near future and believes it is well placed to remain the market leader in providing safe and reliable charter services to companies doing business in Africa.