Nenana Management Services is the holding company for Rema Tip Top South Africa. Rema Tip Top South Africa specialises in optimising the versatile properties of rubber, teflon, ceramics, polyurethane and polyethylene. Rema Tip Top has been involved in the supply of rubber products to various industries world wide. Currently 25% of exports to sub-Saharan Africa are to the diamond mining industry.

Products range from cold repair materials for the repair and maintenance on conveyor belting to antiwear and anti-corrosion rubber lining products in their multi-varied applications. Products that are currently being used in the diamond mining industry include pulley lagging in both rubber and ceramic qualities, heavy duty liner bars, serrated profile rubber sheeting, hot and cold conveyor belt splicing material and tools as well as press cured, chemical cured and autoclave cured rubber sheeting.

Conveyor belt splicing and rubber lining services are available from Chavda for the Angolan market.