Arlona Engineering recently completed the fabrication of a mobile stacking conveyor for Bulk Connections, used for the bulk handling and stacking of coal and other commodities, at the Port of Durban. 

“This mobile stacker has a unique design, where the boom of an existing excavator was removed and replaced with a specially manufactured 21 metre box section fitted with a robust conveyor, that efficiently handles any free flowing bulk commodity with minimal degradation,” Steve Christy, managing director of Arlona Engineering says. “This conveyor has been developed to ensure maximum utilisation of available space and the high mobility of this machine allows it to be used on various sites within the plant, as well as in warehouse applications.”

650 TON

The 650 tonne/hour mobile
stacking conveyor undergoes
trials at the Port of Durban.

This flexible machine, which complements the conventional stacker, is not restricted by gantry rails and is able to travel to areas in the stockyard, which until now, could only be serviced by a front end loader. The considerable increase in stacking height means improved efficiencies and better use of the working area. Another important feature is the collapsible supporting structure which reduces the height of the machine to allow it to pass beneath restrictions like overhead power lines and conveyor gantries.

For optimum efficiency, this system is fitted with a hydraulic drive which is driven by the excavator’s original hydraulic system. The conveyor, a 1,200 mm wide ribbed belt, with 35º troughing idlers, has a rated capacity of 650 tonnes/ hour. The maximum angle of 30º allows a theoretical stacking height of over 13 m to be achieved.