Cateme, Mozambique — 08 August 2012 – The biggest challenge in Mozambique is the provision of transport capacity to carry steadily increasing large amounts of coal, says the country’s natural resources minister.

Macauhub News Agency reports that, addressing the 27th Coordinating Council here, minister Esperanca Bias added that the government and mining companies were in the process of identifying appropriate solutions.

“The new transport routes, power transmission lines, water supply systems, communications systems and other means set up for the development of these or other projects in the mining sector will serve to develop other economic activities and benefit the population in general, thus contributing to the country’s social and economic development,” said the minister.

She went on to point out that so far 1,165 mining titles had been awarded along with 12 oil surveying and production contracts. The natural gas potential in the Rovuma Basin could turn the country into a large natural gas producer without affecting its use within Mozambique to develop new industries and for use as fuel.

“The concession holders of the areas where new discoveries have been made have already drawn up detailed feasibility studies to develop the reserves, and to install industrial units for liquification of the natural gas and its export to international markets,” noted the minister. She added that investment in the initial phase would exceed US$20 billion for a processing capacity of 20Mtpa of natural gas.

The minister said she estimated that exports of processed natural gas from Mozambique would begin in 2018.

Source: Macauhub News Agency. For more information, click here.