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Complete Range of C&I Diaphragm Meters

Actaris has introduced its new ACD G10-16 gas diaphragm meters for commercial and industrial customers – the first of a complete new generation meter range that combines accuracy with practical size and low maintenance. They will progressively replace the existing G10-G40 range over the next two years.

Two versions of the ACtaris Diaphragm G10 and G16 meters, a standard and a compact model, have been launched. The compact ACD G10C is a new addition to the Actaris portfolio, and completes the G10 to G100 C&I range.

Designed for applications requiring high precision and large rangeability at low pressure, the new meters give C&I gas suppliers other important advantages such as reduced external dimensions, lower weight and easier handling. All versions have new spread adjustment capabilities for greater accuracy. The meters are based on a volumetric principle, are not affected by installation conditions and are suitable for use with natural, manufactured and other non-corrosive gases. They are available worldwide, comply with metrology standard EN1359 and are approved for fiscal use.