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Crawler Excavators feature in major pipeline contract


Level 2b geotechnical engineering contracting company, Wepex, was awarded a R50 million contract for the installation of 12,800 meters of trench sheet piling and 5,000 meters of dewatering. This is for a new Transnet multi product pipeline being built by the Group 5 Civils / Spiecapag consortium. This pipeline will run from Durban to Johannesburg and supply fuel to the interior of the country.

Wepex managing director Wynand Meyer says that a new frequency pile driver, developed in conjunction with Austrian Manufacturing and Engineering, contributed to the company’s success in landing the contract. The model Wep-A1 (patent applied for) unit was produced as a result of considerable research by Meyer and his brother Bertoe, specifically because of the high performance necessary to enable Wepex to meet this contract’s stringent timeline. The contract needs to be completed within seven months.


The short duration of the contract demands that all equipment employed should be reliable with minimum downtime. To this end Wepex selected the Doosan crawler excavator models S175LC-V and DX225LC-A. “The initial installation of the pile drivers required further development to match them to the excavator as the primary carrier. I needed to place the order with a company I could work with,” Meyer says.

“Thanks to the co-operation from Doosan the whole project is a success. All machines were delivered on time and at the close for annual shut-down we were already on top of the job and ahead of schedule.”

Meyer adds that Wepex’s success in executing this job has secured it additional contracts and he sees the company as a major player in future geotechnical work in both South Africa and the neighbouring states.