In an ingenious crushing solution for Jwaneng Diamond Mine in Botswana, IMS Engineering has modified the design of the mine’s secondary Kawasaki 1800 Cybas Cone crushers to increase installed power by some 50%. This will enable the processing of harder kimberlite ore with the same size crusher.


A secondary Kawasaki
1800 Cybas Cone crusher
in operation at Jwaneng
diamond mine.

Debswana Diamond Company placed an order on IMS Engineering for one new wetsystem Kawasaki 1800 EHD-S (extra heavy duty – special, which means that it has features to suit specific customer requirements) Cybas Cone crusher, to replace an existing wet-system 1800 Kawasaki Cybas Cone crusher. It is intended to replace a second one once this machine is installed and achieves performance criteria. The mine also operates two Kawasaki primary gyratory crushers.

When deepening excavations caused the geological ore body at Jwaneng to be harder, a tender was called for more powerful crushers to replace the two Kawasakis. Instead of proposing larger models, the conventional solution, IMS Engineering in conjunction with Japanese technology partner EarthTechnica Company Limited (ETCL) modified the existing crusher design to offer a highly competitive power-to-weight ratio. The Kawasaki 1800 EHD-S increases installed power from 350 kW to 520 kW.