Vanguard convoy

The Vanguard convoy moving through
Namibia transporting a 140t cold box

Specialist heavy rigging and lifting company Vanguard has been awarded a contract to transport a 140t cold box to a copper mine in Zambia.

The project – currently underway – involves the company using its modular Goldhofer trailer system to transport the 55m long cold box along a 2 400km route from Walvis Bay harbour in Namibia to Chingola, in Zambia.

Vanguard project engineer James Robinson says the port of Walvis Bay was selected over Richards Bay because of logistical advantages. It shortens the distance dramatically. Also, Namibia’s transportation infrastructure is of excellent quality with large open roads, fewer built up areas and no escarpments to navigate.

Vanguard conducted extensive route surveys and planning prior to commencing the project, and received the necessary permission.

The Goldhofer trailer system was the ideal choice for the project due to its performance on narrow roads, manoeuvrability and steering abilities. The trailer is able to negotiate each turn so that the load is always stable.

Engineers configured two sets of trailers, each comprising 10 axles, connected by hydraulic cables. Each trailer is equipped with a turntable fitted with a steel plate that acts as a fixed connection between the load and the turntable. The turntables move relative to one another and the distance between them stays the same at all times.

The rear trailer is fitted with a self steering device that measures the angle of the turntable when the trailers navigate curves in the road. The device automatically corrects the position of the turntable to minimise the angle and ensure the load remains in the correct orientation.