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Diversification of Angola’s mining sector

Angola is pressing ahead with moves to diversify its mining base away from a primary reliance on diamonds. Copper mining is set to resume in the Mavoio region later in the year, potentially around the site of the former Mavoio mine, which last  operated between 1936 and 1961. The government is also hoping to make a decision on the partnership structure for a planned new US$6bn iron ore and manganese project before year-end. State iron-ore mining company Ferrangol is hoping to launch the mine at Lubango in partnership with a private company.

The diamond mining sector will not be left out in the cold, however. With 100 new concessions available, national diamond mining company Endiama is looking at repositioning the sector in the aftermath of its poor performance in 2009. Swedish mining company IGE is expected to receive authorisation to start interim pilot mining and diamond sales from its joint venture Luxinge project until a permanent decree regarding the concession can be issued by the Council of Ministers.

The Angolan Ministry of Geology, Mining and Industry looks set to adopt a new Mining Code in 2010. This new code is expected to refresh existing mining regulation dating from 1992, which is widely considered to be outdated and unable to accommodate the needs of a dynamic, modern mining industry. This is one of the topics that will be discussed at the iPAD (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development) Angola conference taking place in Luanda from 4-5 April. Speakers include António Carlos Sumbula, CEO of Endiama, and Kiala Gabriel, Secretary of State for Industry, Ministry of Geology, Mining and Industry of Angola.

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