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DLMS News – Meter data exchange on the liberalised market

DLMS News – Meter data exchange on the liberalised market

The DLMS/COSEM specification, developed to support energy trading on the liberalised markets has reached now the status of an International Standard in IEC and in CEN.

This is the first standard for meter data exchange which comes complete with protocol conformance testing in order to ensure interoperability. It supports meter data exchange for any energy type, any metering equipment complexity, over any communication media, providing controlled and secure access to metering data to any stakeholders on the liberalised energy market.

This is achieved through a standardised view of the data available in the metering equipment, using an object-oriented approach. The objects are close to the metering domain, and model physical or abstract data items like register, profile, clock, schedule, and parameters. Access to these objects is based on the DLMS standard, using services like GET/READ, SET/WRITE.

For transporting data, any protocol stack can be used which is able to carry the DLMS data communication services. The method is fully specified for serial data exchange.

The standard is globally supported by the fast growing membership (40+ at this time) of the DLMS User Association, including utilities, data management companies, equipment vendors, system integrators.

During the Metering Europe exhibition in Milan, the DLMS User Association received a lot of interest from many potential users at their booth, where the conformance test tool was presented, and is looking forward to further increasing the number of its international members.

The General Meeting of the DLMS UA was also held during the Metering Europe conference. The objectives of standardisation and conformance being achieved, the next objective now is to spread information to all potential users, their associations and other parties involved in meter data exchange. This will be done via training courses, discussion forums and the DLMS UA website at www.dlms.com

Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at Pre-de-la-Fontaine 19, CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland, e-mail: dlms@dlms.com.

Gyözö Kmethy